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Sell your products with us - It's free, and easy to get started.
Sell your products with us - It's free, and easy to get started.

Become A Seller

A Slice of Vermont is an online marketplace for made in Vermont products, founded and operated by AGH Fulfillment.

Given the size and location of our state, it is often difficult for small and mid-sized businesses in Vermont to reach the customers outside of our local area or region. We want to bring our local makers and producers together, and collectively sell all Vermont-made products on one website – and, most importantly, ship from one location. This allows customers to buy products from multiple vendors at once, thus lowering the overall cost of shipping and order fulfillment.

There are no upfront or recurring costs – you pay only when your items are sold. You decide what you want to sell and the price. We'll do all the hard work of running an eCommerce website for you. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with brand exposure and a large enough customer base that you won’t need us anymore – because you will be selling through your own website! When that happens, we would be honored to serve you as a traditional 3PL partner.

Free Webpage

A dedicated webpage where you can tell your story and list your products

Free Storage

at our warehouse in South Burlington

Streamlined Fulfillment

All orders ship within 24 hours.

Effortless Sales

We handle orders end-to-end