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🛒 Shop from all your favorite Vermont brands ❤️ We ship them all in one package 📦
🛒 Shop from all your favorite Vermont brands ❤️ We ship them all in one package 📦


It was a long shot, but after a lengthy search for farmland that we could afford, in 2010 we found the perfect piece of land. For the first few years we worked to build a small farmhouse for our family, and then on April 26, 2013 we planted our first berry bush. Nearly seven years later, on January 31, 2020 we filled our first cans of Shrubbly®.

The organic aronia berries and black currants used in some of our products come from our USDA Certified Organic Vermont family farm. We use these “super fruits” that we grow and other organic fruit, herbs, and spices to make small batches of Shrubbly®.

Every ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic can of Shrubbly® contains a healthy shot of an old-time, mixer called a “Shrub” and Sparkling Water. Yep, Shrub + Bubbly = Shrubbly®.

We craft our Shrubs for good health and taste from common wellness shot ingredients. Our company motto is “Go Bold." Combining that with "It's Your Shot" and also “Your Shot. Your Way." is about more than the wellness shot in each can. We hope Shrubbly® helps provide you the refreshment you need (and a little encouragement) to be bold and take your best shot, every day, in your own way – to go for it, jump in, take a chance, create your thing, tryout, shoot the ball, let your love be known, try and try again, play hard, nail that presentation, reach out for help, lend a hand, find your voice, get better, and keep at it. (Even if it is a long shot.)

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